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Leasing provides many of our clients that are looking for flexibility, convenience, and an opportunity to save some cash. While there are a few different leasing options that are available, a single pay lease is a great option that requires less out of pocket cash today. The benefits of a single pay lease are:

You only pay for the portion of the vehicle that you will use, instead of paying full price for the vehicle. An example of a single pay lease of a single pay lease would be: 

Cash Purchase price: $44,350 
24 month single pay lease: $24,000

That leaves you, the customer, with $20,250 in the bank for you to do whatever you want with whether investing or putting it away in a college fund. 

At the end of the lease you have a couple options that you can choose from
*purchasing the vehicle for the purchase option price at the end of the lease.
*Turn in the vehicle at the end of your lease with the opportunity to lease your next vehicle.

**Single pay lease example does not include tax, title, license, documentary, transport and handling fee's. Price will vary per dealership and by state. See dealer for more details.